Cerbercenter – Concierge Service


Getting you the help you need

The Cerberus global communication system is a communication platform first. The Cerberus system is not designed to take the place of a dedicated alerting device like a PLB or EPIRB. If you transmit a distress message, CerberCenter’s concierge service will establish two-way communications with you via your CerberLink and CerberTouch application. We’ll work to get you help. We’ll let your emergency contacts know that there’s a problem and we’ll, where appropriate, communicate with authorities and pass along your distress messages. However, CerberCenter’s concierge service is not a Rescue Coordination Center (RCC) or 911 call center.

For many of our customers, the distress communications system provided by our concierge service is adequate for their needs or particular circumstances. If you plan to be somewhere where describing it as “Hell” is an understatement and you don’t know who to call, then you should consider third party coverage provided by an RCC that is specifically trained and operated to facilitate a rescue in distress situations where life is at risk. We can provision your account to integrate your preferred third party RCC. If you feel that you need this service, please contact us for additional information.

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