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What's in Your Ditch Bag?
The Coast Guard boards the Miss AdventureKent and Heather (“Dr. and Mrs. Vacation”) are adventure vacationers that take boating safety seriously. Check out their excellent article Safety at Sea on their Unexcused Absences website and note the first item in their "ditch bag." Hint: It's a Cerberus CerberLink Two-Way Satellite Messaging and GPS Tracking System.
BriarTek Awarded Contract with U.S. Army

USArmyBriarTek, a top manufacturer and developer of personal safety equipment, was recently awarded a contract to develop a land tracking system prototype for the U.S. Army. BriarTek currently outfits the U.S. Navy with man overboard tracking systems.

BriarTek competed with several other companies to earn one of the four spots the U.S. Army allotted for prototype development. BriarTek’s solution addressed the problem of tracking soldiers on land, both securely and insecurely. Should BriarTek’s prototype win, every foot soldier in the army would be outfitted with its system.

“Winning this project will continue BriarTek’s commitment to helping serve the U.S. military and keeping soldier’s safe from harm in dangerous situations,” Bill Dull, Director at BriarTek, said. The decision will be made some time in 2017.

Cerberus Named Number Two on Design-Craft’s Best Locator Beacons

CerberusBriarTek's Cerberus Two-Way Satellite Messaging and GPS Tracking System claimed the number two spot on Design-Crafts' Top Ten Locator Beacons 2016 list.

The system allows users to send and receive messages, track, drop breadcrumbs and share public messages from anywhere in the world. The device syncs to Bluetooth with iPhone and Android phones, so the user can send and receive messages, even without cell service.

Design-Crafts reviews a variety of products on its website. The site features Top Ten lists from products such as Top Ten Water Slides to Top Ten Budget Drones. The reviewers determine what products make the list and in what order based on personal opinion, careful analysis of the average shopper, and cost, according to its website. 

BriarTek Products Featured in Last Ship TV Series on TNT

LastShipBriarTek gear is again being featured in popular media. Producers from The Last Ship, a post-apocalyptic television drama airing on TNT, wanted to make sure that scenes involving the US Navy were as authentic as possible. The producers insisted on including BriarTek’s ORCA man overboard gear, just as the Navy insists that every sailor on every ship wears this life-saving device.

The distinctive eight antennas of the ORCA Radio Direction Finder are clearly visible on the rear of the RHIB (rigid-hulled inflatable boats). Should a sailor go overboard, their ORCA Transmitter would send a signal letting the ship’s personnel know they are in the water. The Radio Direction finder would then be used in conjunction with the TX-103 Receiver (also installed in the RHIB) to pinpoint the man overboard’s exact location to facilitate rescue. 

BriarTek Part of New Navy RIB Design
RIBRecently, Ribcraft USA was awarded a new five-year contract with the US Navy to produce 7-meter rigid hull inflatable boats and BriarTek's lifesaving man overboard equipment was included in the requirements. BriarTek’s lifesaving safety equipment is installed on every U.S. Navy ship to help find people fast.

Read the article here (PDF).
LaGrone Joins BriarTek as Director of Business Development

DougLaGroneBriarTek, Inc., man overboard alarm and recovery systems manufacturers, has appointed Doug LaGrone Director of Business Development, focusing on clients primarily in Houston, Texas and New Orleans, Louisiana and the greater gulf coast region.

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