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BriarTek's Cerberus Recommended by Practical Sailor
Practical Sailor
, the magazine and website that takes the guesswork out of boat & gear buying with its bold, independent, product-test reports for serious sailors, recently published it's long-term shaketown test of BriarTek's Cerberus product. 
Plug & Play Technology Unveiled at NATO Sub Escape Panel
NATOflagOn January 24, 2013 BriarTek presented its latest life-saving technology to the NATO SEE Panel 13 in Athens, Greece: plug and play technology for submarine safety. BriarTek’s Bill Dull says, “The customer is always right and each navy has unique needs. With our new plug and play option, our clients can select only the transmitter features that they need and we’ll create it for them, whether it’s digital selective calling (DSC), automatic identification system (AIS), global positioning system (GPS), 121.5, satellite or others. It’s a custom solution without the custom solution’s price tag.”
BriarTek Presents to the 2012 American Waterways Joint Safety Committee Meeting
AWOlogoOn working boats between 2003 and 2008 there were an average of 62 falls overboard (FOB) incidents according to the American Waterway Operators Statistics Subcommittee Report. For the eleven-year period ending in 2010, the largest number of fatalities, 61 of 118 or 52%, is attributed to falls overboard (source: USCG).
REI Places First Order for Cerberus
rei-logoAdventurers can now get their gear and then get off the grid—all while staying safe and in touch. BriarTek is pleased to announce that Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI) has placed their first order for Cerberus, the global communication system that lets outdoor enthusiasts to communicate where others can’t.
AEP River Operations installs ORCA man overboard alarms fleet-wide

AEPlogoAccording to the United States Coast Guard, the largest number of fatalities on workboats in the United States is from falls overboard. Most of these accidents occur when it’s dark and are un-witnessed. Two factors contributed more than any other in the successful rescue of a person who has fallen overboard: a personal flotation device and a way to be found.  

BriarTek is pleased to announce that AEP River Operations is installing ORCA Man Overboard Alarms fleet-wide to help with this growing concern.

CerberLink Withstands Harsh Conditions
A recent article 4-traders.com describes how the CerberLink can withstand the harsh conditions that outdoor enthusiasts might endure as they explore the road less traveled. Because no matter how extreme the locale or circumstance, Cerberus will follow you to hell and back. Read the article here.
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