ORCAdsc (Digital Selective Calling)

ORCAdscThe ORCAdsc® Man Overboard Alarm is the only US licensed and fully approved man overboard alarm or MSLD (Maritime Survivor Locating Device) that works with channel 70 (DSC) without the installation of auxiliary hardware.

This dual-mode transmitter works on marine band and the standard SAR frequency (121.5 MHz), and is compliant with the new Radio Technical Communication Maritime (RTCM) for MSLDs.

This device is the only man overboard alarm or MSLD that can be MMSI programmed by the user to interact with their own radio. Any VHF-DSC radio or tower within range can be programmed to listen for your ORCAdsc Man Overboard Transmitter – whether your companion boat, your travelling group or the Coast Guard. They will know that someone from your boat has fallen into the water. Learn more about MMSIs or the Coast Guard's next generation NDRS (National Distress and Response System) called Rescue 21.