CapabilitiesAgilent E5061A Vector Network Analyzer

  • Our VNA provides us the ability to measure scattering properties in the range of 300KHz – 1.5GHz, enabling us to better design RF filters, antennas and circuit matching
  • This includes accurately characterizing Amplitude and Phase response, complex impedances, Standing Wave Ratios, Smith charts

Agilent DSO7054A Digital Storage Oscilloscope & Other DSOs

  • Measures various aspects of signals, extremely useful for debugging analog and digital signals

Ramsey 3010 Service Monitor

  • Signal generator for testing various RF frequencies
  • Power meter to test RF output power levels
  • Frequency counter to identify RF frequencies
  • Sweep generator to test filter response
  • RSSI meter to identify RF signal levels
  • SINAD meter to test receiver sensitivity

Spectrum Analyzer

  • Measure frequency, power levels, and bandwidth of various RF signals

Circuit board milling & prototyping

  • Produces working circuit boards suitable for prototype testing

Circuit board solder and rework equipment

Altium and NI Electronics Workbench software tools

  • Circuit board schematics capture, layout, and SPICE simulation
  • Capable of board designs up to 64 layers.

Micro Processor firmware development tools

  • CCS C compiler for Microchip’s family of MPU including 8, 16 & 24 bit architectures
  • Micro-Engineering Labs PicBasic Pro complier
  • Texas Instruments Code Composer Essentials for MSP430 MCUs.