Plug & Play Technology Unveiled at NATO Sub Escape Panel

On January 24, 2013 BriarTek presented its latest life-saving technology to the NATO SEE Panel 13 in Athens, Greece: plug and play technology for submarine safety. BriarTek’s Bill Dull says, “The customer is always right and each navy has unique needs. With our new plug and play option, our clients can select only the transmitter features that they need and we’ll create it for them, whether it’s digital selective calling (DSC), automatic identification system (AIS), global positioning system (GPS), 121.5, satellite or others. It’s a custom solution without the custom solution’s price tag.”

With more than 100,000 ORCA transmitters in use on every U.S. Navy ship, ORCA is the sole provider of man overboard indicators for the United States Navy and is currently being installed on U.S. Army ocean-going vessels. To date, the system has been responsible for the rescue of 29 Navy sailors worldwide and has helped the U.S. Navy dramatically increase the successful recovery of sailors who have fallen overboard.

Headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, BriarTek, Inc., manufactures and markets a full range of commercial- and military-grade man overboard indicators (MOBI) and personal locator devices. Deeply-rooted in the protection of U.S. Navy and commercial fleet personnel, the company also offers a line of personal locator beacons designed for recreational boaters.

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