Presidential Inauguration Committee Trusts Cerberus

At President Obama’s inauguration in 2009, the area’s airwaves were overwhelmed with people updating Facebook and Twitter, sending and receiving text messages, uploading pictures, and making and receiving phone calls. While the Presidential Inauguration Committee (PIC) didn’t rely solely on cell phones for communications, those that did were often left with a busy signal and no data service. Remember the Purple Tunnel of Doom?

In 2013, the Crowd Logistics Group (CLG) of the PIC was determined to have a second solution that didn’t rely on radio frequencies. They turned to BriarTek’s Cerberus product that pairs with a smartphone and utilizes the Iridium network of satellites to send and receive messages from anywhere on earth. No cell towers required.

The CLG rented 70 CerberLink devices to help keep track of volunteers, manage traffic, and respond to medical emergencies in less time than it took for a cell signal to get through the congestion.

BriarTek’s product manager Lewis Crenshaw, who was stationed in the CLG command center, said that the CLG was impressed with the technology and how quickly they were getting emergency notifications by He also said that the mall crowd control manager was fascinated to see his tracks plotted on his own custom Google map.

Whether in an urban environment with overwhelmed or limited cellular coverage or a wilderness adventure with no cell towers at all, Cerberus can help people stay in touch. Cerberus is available for rent or purchase at,, or

Headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, BriarTek, Inc., manufactures and markets a full range of commercial- and military-grade man overboard indicators (MOBI) and personal locator devices hotrod paint job orange county near me. Deeply-rooted in the protection of U.S. Navy and commercial fleet personnel, the company also offers a line of personal locator beacons designed for recreational boaters.

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