Research and Design

Our Research & Design division at Briartek Inc. is comprised of over 100 years of collective radio frequency (RF), electrical, computer, and systems engineering experience.

We can assume the responsibility for an entire project or simply help in solving a particular task. Through our experience and resources, we are able to rapidly move from concept to working prototype. This includes all aspects of design including concept characterization, requirements capture, schematic capture, design layout, circuit board population, firmware & software development, and testing & debugging of working prototype.

Having the right resources and tools in house allows us quickly solve problems and produce results. Our team of electrical & computer engineers provides us broad abilities with skills in electrical design areas including RF, antenna, communication, sensor deployment, mesh networking, graphics integration, GPS and satellite communication. In addition, we are proficient in software development on PCs & firmware development on various MPU/MCUs.

With the help of our hardware resources such as a vector network analyzers to properly characterize RF designs, filters and antennas; a high speed digital storage scope to quickly capture and analyze analog, digital and serial signals in real time; a Circuit Board milling machine, to cut and produce prototype circuit boards for immediate testing of electrical designs; a PIC-N-Place machine to rapidly populate batch runs to validate product repeatability; and various software design tools; we can quickly validate designs are properly characterized and fulfilled the design requirements.


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