Team Hallin Trusts the ORCAdsc

BriarTek Named Official MOB Supplier of Trans-Atlantic Record Attempt

Alexandria, Va., January 4, 2010 – BriarTek’s ORCAdsc (Digital Selective Calling) has been named the official man overboard indicator (MOBI) of Team Hallin’s attempt to break the East-to-West Trans-Atlantic Record, the ultimate prize in ocean rowing. The current record, set between the Canary Islands and Barbados, follows a course of 3,000 miles (2,600 nautical miles). Team Hallin’s goal: smash the current record of 33 days, 7 hours, 30 minutes, and become the first team to row across the Atlantic in less than thirty days.

“Hallin Marine’s smaller sister is called ORCA, and she was the second-fastest ocean rowing boat to cross the ocean,” said David Hasking, skipper of Hallin Marine. “What a good omen to have ORCA PLBs aboard our bigger boat!”
The Boat: Hallin Marine
Custom-designed by ROC Expedition in New York, Hallin Marine is only the second multihull ocean rowing boat ever built. Designed for racing and setting speed records, Hallin Marine’s unique multihull platform is fundamental to her crew’s success and is superior in many ways to its monohull competitors. Monohulls are subject to significant roll due to the action of waves, and require ballast or a keel to keep them steady. By contrast, the super-light Hallin Marine’s features outriggers spanning more than 26 feet, providing additional stability and creating a more efficient rowing stroke. The trimaran’s design makes Hallin Marine’s central hull a very narrow 3 feet, 3 inches. This makes for a very tight squeeze in the cabins, but makes her very fast through the water.

The MOBI: BriarTek ORCAdsc
BriarTek’s ORCA line of Man Overboard Alarm (MOB) devices has proven itself through thousands of hours of real-world use aboard the vessels of the United States Navy, and has saved the lives of dozens of U.S. servicemen and women along the way. BriarTek’s first foray into recreational and small fleet applications, ORCAdsc (Digital Selective Calling) is the only licensed and approved Maritime Survivor Locator Device (MSLD) of its kind. Matched to a user’s unique Mobile Maritime Service Identity (MMSI), ORCAdsc’s beacon is fully programmable to a user’s pre-determined VHF radio channel.
Headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, BriarTek, Inc., manufactures and markets a full range of commercial- and military-grade man overboard indicators (MOBI) and personal locator devices. Deeply-rooted in the protection of U.S. Navy and commercial fleet personnel, the company also features ORCAdsc, a line of personal locator beacons designed for recreational boaters.
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Editor’s Note:

BriarTek, Inc., manufactures and markets a full range of commercial-, recreational-, and military-grade man overboard indicator (MOBI) and personal locator devices.

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